collection of data pertaining to cancer patients present in Vagalla and its neighbouring areas.
Created: 24 Jun 2019
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Campaign Evaluation 2019
Campaign Evaluation 2019
Created: 24 Jun 2019
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Data Capture Sheet Evet
It is a study to determine the prevalence of Occupational injury among health practitioners
Created: 23 Jun 2019
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plant diversity
mapping of plant diversity
Created: 18 Jun 2019
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Survey Kesmavet1_edit
Survei mengenai pasar daging babi
Created: 18 Jun 2019
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Flying Glass on site log
Record that preflight risk assessment has been completed & risk is tolerable and ALARP
Created: 16 Jun 2019
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Madison CT CC NRI
Natural Resources Inventory Property Evaluation
Created: 15 Jun 2019
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Environmental Inspection for 2nd Quarter
Environmental Inspections
Created: 11 Jun 2019
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