Snake Catch and Release

A tool to monitor snake catch and release data

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12 Feb 2021

Welcome and thanks for participating in this citizen science project to collect data about the catch and release (relocation) of snakes in your area.

The purpose of this tool is to stimulate data-supported discussion within the snake handling community in an area in order to better understand the distribution and population dynamics of snake species in areas of human habitation. By monitoring this data over time we also hope to minimise ecological disturbance as a result of catch and release practices.

ADMIN: Please contact Andrew Purnell ( or 082 454 3744) if a new group of snake catchers in a geographically distinct area would like to have their region added. Note that it is possible to customise the drop-down list of common snakes by each selected region. Andrew will also be able to send you an annual report on the catch and release data for your specific region.