Sargassum Watch

Citizen science project tracking Sargassum landings in Florida and the Caribbean

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21 May 2024

Thank you for participating in the Sargassum Watch project. Your observations and input mean a lot to us.

The Marine Macroalgae Research Lab at Florida International University (MMRL-FIU) is part of a network in the Caribbean Region dedicated to monitoring the invasions of pelagic Sargassum on Caribbean beaches. Your observations will help us gain a better understanding on how Sargassum is affecting our coastal areas.

Our citizen science project is part of a greater international collaboration of academics and professionals studying the Sargassum phenomena in the Atlantic Caribbean Region, including the Sargassum Monitoring ©. We are open to other organizations and professionals using our data. If you choose to use our data from Epicollect5, please send an email to Ph.D Lowell (, and mention the “Sargassum Watch” Citizen Science project.