Plant Disease Diagnostic

This project records information from the PSU Plant Disease Clinic Specimen Information Form

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The Plant Disease Clinic does NOT accept this survey! It is for your use only.

This survey collects the same information listed on the Penn State Plant Disease Clinic Specimen Information form - the document used when submitting plant samples to the Plant Clinic in Buckhout Laboratory in State College, PA. This survey is intended to be used to fill out the paper copy at a later time. This survey is based on the Specimen Collection Form used in 2023. The creator of this survey (Miranda DePriest, Esker Lab, PSU) will NOT be checking responses or collecting this data.

You can find information on contacting the PSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic here:

If you have comments on this survey only, such as suggestions for improving the form, please contact Miranda DePriest at I cannot answer questions on behalf of the Plant Diagnostic Clinic.