Map the Spider

Help build a range map for purse-web spiders (Mygalomorphae, Atypidae)

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2 Oct 2021

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SPIDER WEB? Purse-web spiders build a silken tube attached to trees and shrubs and stems. They live a secret life because the webs are well camouflaged and the spiders rarely leave their tubes (wandering males being the exception). Purse-webs are very durable and can be found at any time of the year where they are present. In the U.S. one species, Atypus snetsingeri is known only from southeastern PA, USA, near Philadelphia, but 7 other species in the genus Sphodros are reported from the Mississippi valley states east to New England and Florida. The "Map The Spider" project is asking citizen observers to look for purse-webs when they are outdoors, and to report where they looked and if they found them. Help make a definitive map for purse-web spiders. Visit the project website for more details (

The Epicollect5 application helps you report where you searched and for how long, and whether or not you found any purse-webs (both kinds of data are important!).

Spiders are cool, but purse-web spiders are *very* cool. See if you can find the spider in your neighborhood!