Clam Survey

Observations of clams throughout the state of Alaska to understand population dynamics

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12 Jun 2019

Observational data suggest that clam populations have been declining throughout the state of Alaska over the last decade. While the Alaska Department of Fish and Game conducts targeted clam distribution and abundance studies, it is impossible for the agency to undertake such studies at every beach across Alaska. The goal of this project is to utilize local observations to help us better understand clam population dynamics across Alaska, and give us a sense of how clam populations have changed over time. The College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at UAF is looking for observations of where certain clam species can be found and how that is changing seasonally or annually. This can help us understand how clam species are distributed across the coastline, and the abundance of each species in certain areas.

Whether you are going clamming or simply walking along the beach, dig in the sand a little bit, see if you find any clams, and let us know what you find! Your help will not only add to our database but will also provide sound scientific information that can guide clam management decisions in the future.

Make as many observations as you are able to, whether you are returning to the same spot once a week or different beaches every other month. Any time that you see a clam on the shoreline, we hope you post on our project!

This project will use LEO posts ( to see where current clam populations are, and where they’re shifting. These observations will be used alongside physiological data to understand the resilience of some clam species to climate change funded by Alaska Sea Grant. Thank you for any and all of the observations you can provide. If you have additional questions or would like to help in more ways, please email Ashley Rossin at